(Large) Study Projects


Organize first for knowledge, 
first with the object of making us 
know ourselves as a nation, 
for we have to do that before we can be of value 
to other nations of the world

Eleanor Roosevelt
American, 18841962



  • Begin early
    It is never too early to start. By starting early you have more time to finish the project, and you guarantee yourself adequate time to do a good job.
  • Determine the time commitment. Find out:
    • How long the presentation or paper should be
    • How hard the material is to research
    • How much time you have to complete the project
  • Break the project down into manageable sections.
    This table of tasks includes a column "done by" date to help you organize yourself and the project.

    Print a blank form

What How When:
Summarize objectives Objectives should be SMART:






from  Blanchard, Zigarmi, and Zigarmi
Leadership and the One Minute Manager

Determine process
to achieve objectives
  • project planning tools
    (Gantt, Critical Path, PERT)
  • project production tools
    (word processing, demonstration software (PowerPoint), etc.
  • stages of development
  • critical sequencing (timeline)
Verify with instructor  


as often as necessary
  • text book research
  • library research
  • field research
  • other:
Analyze research/findings
  • plan for gaps
  • request assistance
  • mid-stream check-in
Outline "product"
  • thesis statement
  • individual topics
  • opening paragraph
  • body
  • closing arguments/statement
Document & create bibliography  




Review and evaluate
  • product
  • process


Rehearse (presentation)  


Present final product  





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