Recent times have seen Organizations taking firm actions against employees who do not comply to the disclosure norms and official code of conduct. Some time back we heard that Intel had fired up to 250 workers in India after alleging they fiddled their expenses claims, reports from the sub-continent suggest.

In another development Wipro has just fired some employees for faking their CVs. It has also filed police complaints against several recruitment agencies for helping these employees falsify CV information.

The report also suggested that IBM India recently sacked many employees for the same reason. Some are said to have worked there for two years. TCS, also facing this problem, has from this year outsourced the entire process of CV verification to a specialized agency.

I guess this sends strong signal to the agencies who are play an active role on fabricating the profile of employees.

Now the question is why is it that it’s only now people have started taking close look at background checks.

One of the prominent reasons is that clients of IT companies now want complete background checks to be done before employees are sent onsite or even being billed for projects.

Since the growth in IT industry has seen recruitments happening at a breath talking pace the resource supply and pool has not been able to keep pace with the requirements. At one of the pitfalls of this situation is that many of the small companies end up recruiting people without doing proper reference and background .On the behavioral side ,some time back Ajit Chauhan  posted on an article on ethics and behaviour and why people tend to get in the habit of bending the rules.