Coca Cola to use Blog for Employees Survey

In an interesting move the Coca-Cola Company is using a blog as a communication channel through which the 55,000 employees of the global company can provide their views on Coca-Cola’s vision, mission and values.

This was published in a  in Dutch business magazine Brisk includes an interview with Orlando Ashford, head of HR at Coca-Cola’s US headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, who says that Coca-Cola can be one of the most respected companies in the world only when it’s clear to employees what the company stands for. Ashford said this is necessary if Coca-Cola wants to remain as the world’s best-known brand.

Brisk’s report says that Coca-Cola’s top 150 managers met last year and decided on the seven principles which describe Coca-Cola’s culture. These seven principles make up the company’s strategic Manifesto for Growth comprising Mission and Vision and Values.